Craft Brewing and Artisan Distilling Ingredients


Tradition.  Our long history working with bakers has tought us that family and traditional recipes are the foundation in which great legacies are built. Just like an old world artisan Ciabatta, a well crafted beer or spirit is part history, part science and a great many tastings.  Bono is here to help you get to that next plateau of aroma, flavor and color - get that mood, that spirit, that next perfect taste.

Perhaps you are striving for that bigger taste, darker dark, fruitier pale or that great backyard light. Maybe your next beer will be a deep chocolate stout or a Fall pumkin ale.  Maybe you are mapping your next unique direction in Whiskey. Whatever beer or spirit you are looking to make, we can bring you the perfect combination of malts; base, roasted, caramel or specialty crafted and that perfect addition of flavors; chocolate, coffee, fruit or spicy.

Bono carries many ingredients that will help you deliver a great sensory experience. Speak to your sales Rep or give us a call to arrange a personal visit.

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